Tote Dump Systems

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Mix, combine, and blend products in a few different ways. We provide a wide choice of standard unit configurations that save up-front engineering costs. Completely custom designs are available to meet special requirements. Combined with IESM’s other specialized conveying systems, you can be confident in optimized production and cleanability.

We offer two options for dump action on our tote dumps: a standard single-stage dumper that pivots to the dump position with a single hinge point, or a more complex two-stage dumper with integrated pallet isolation. The two-stage dump action holds pallets out of the product zone to reduce foreign material hazards. Once the desired dump action is determined, frames are constructed at the desired load height whether it be at the floor or an elevated position. Our HyLift configuration provides vertical carriage lift of up to 8 feet above load height to final dump height.

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